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Election Day

This poem was published in The New Verse News:

Spectrum: November 8, 2016

The day the red-ones drew the curtains and chose the orange-one

to mind the white oval that had embraced the black-one

nearly three thousand days --- that day

was the day the blue-ones formed

a veined parenthesis to contain the pulsing mass

of the red-ones, spilling sideways,

was the day the red-ones and the blue-ones

never turned to purple and the green-ones

stayed scattered, shoots pushing up to be counted,

was the day the brown-ones huddled and burst, and

waited for the white-ones, the eye-holed pointed ones,

to bear a burning broken cross, its twisted arms akimbo,

was the day the pink-ones, like the blue-one who

missed her grip at the finish, snatched steel from

between their legs and bound themselves each to each,

was the day the tan-ones veiled themselves

into invisibility,

was the day the yellow-ones shifted, and strove

for the exits,

was the day the beige-ones bent double, and breathed

dios mio,

was the day the rainbows clung together, their colors melted

and shriven,

was the day a keening Hallelujah rose up from the teeming streets

and evanesced into the violet sky,

was the day I waited for the raging ones to bring a yellow star

for me.

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