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Twenty Five Years Old

Commemorating my oldest child's 25th birthday with this poem, written (in stages) for his 13th and 23rd birthdays:




mass of anomaly

twin tentacles of frustration and serenity

uneasy harmony of wit and travesty

chafing shimmering humor

simmering rebellion

renegade wisdom, barely contained

rearing up in outrage and mirth

illuminating ideas

eggshell ego

shifting crowding warring thoughts

cloaked tentative sparkling smile

careful careless drama

soulful delightful warmth

solemn sweet prince

edgy misty lovely prickly simply –


And suddenly -


dimming youth, dawning maturity

the thirteen year old has aged ten years…

A decade on, he’s developed into

what the world believes is a man

balancing the act of life

as an Olympian

diving into the deep

confident of the trophy at the finish

cautiously courageous

brilliantly brazen

future-focused yet sometimes

haunted by ghosts of failures past but

bearing the burden, a Stoic at heart

steadfast strong singularly keen

eyes on the prize

grateful for his myriad gifts

gracious glorious quixotic human

self-determined dedicated disciplined

his mother’s champion above all

a free and nimble exploring mind -

an adventurer.

dauntless laughing radiant resolute -

a contender.

Still in all,

I believe it will take his lifetime to become

a man.

And I hold my applause.


This poem is included in my chapbook from Finishing Line Press.

You can order the book on Amazon.com or here:

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