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For Alyssa: a bridal shower song

Do you know, dear Alyssa, there exists a bird

on an island nation of Marley fame:

masked, beribboned, split tail streaming

in frenzied flight, tiny wings whirring,

an emerald iridescence with a crimson long bill:

perfect for sipping the nectar of promise,

perfect for lapping the juices of joy.

A natural beauty- a brace of feathers,

a hooked claw foot for perching on passion.

This avian wonder, the doctorbird, takes for its mate

the Junco (Dark-eyed), a neat flashy sparrow

whose name serves the purpose of this little ditty:

sometimes a Yossi, a Joe or a Yoss but

henceforth- herein- designated J.D.

The Junco (Dark-eyed), crisp in its markings,

flits about the Northeast here and there,

easily identifiable by its snappy smarts,

though a bit flamboyant for its species and size.

Sometimes the J.D. will take for its mate

a white winged tern or a white collared swift,

a white-coated water bird, a brunette belle.

Together these lovebirds prepare their nest,

the feathers of which, at this point at least,

look curiously like some Big Brown Bags

and towers of boxes from the dale of Blooming.

So you know, dear Alyssa, on this day of your shower

that two chose each other: from the charm of hummingbirds

and the host of sparrows arises the creation of a brand new flock.

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