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Emerging, Art of

Emerging, Art of

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your career thus far, the form says, or how you see

yourself as a writer.

It seems I’ve been emerging

for a number of years now. But how do I see

myself - tunneling down the dark fleshy corridor

of my mother’s cervix covered in ick, my slippery

soft skull bones mashed, intent on the drowning

sounds and the wreath of light ahead, finally emerging

to my first strident yawp?

And from that moment hence the steady

march of metamorphosis,

of emerging and becoming.

What must the torpid caterpillar do to emerge

from its glistening chrysalis a laurel-crowned monarch?

The worm digests itself. The lowly pupa

writes itself off in hopes of emerging

a butterfly laureate.

Self-immolation, it seems, is a requirement

for emerging.

So when you knock at the majestic doors, be prepared

for bleeding knuckles and a tamped

down spirit, be prepared to extinguish

yourself in a phoenix fire before you can emerge.



Published in Mom Egg Review Vol. 16: Mothers Work/Mothers Play

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