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Masala Bhangra Master Trainer, Ambassador, and Performer

Deborah Kahan Kolb

Deborah Kahan Kolb is a certified Masala Bhangra Ambassador and Master Trainer who has been dancing and choreographing since childhood. She fell in love with Masala Bhangra during her first class in 2008 with Sarina Jain, founder and creator of the Masala Bhangra Workout. She has been teaching, training and performing ever since - notably with the Alvin Ailey World Dance Celebration five years running, NBC's Red Nose Day Charity Danceathon with Nick Cannon (2015), ABC's Good Morning America Bollywood Showdown (2016), Pix 11 News (2016), News 12 Brooklyn's "Ready, Set, Fit" (2018), and most recently, with Bollywood Axion at FIAF's Florence Gould Hall (2018). Deborah teaches the MASALA BHANGRA WORKOUT in Manhattan, Riverdale, and Yonkers, and often subs classes at the Alvin Ailey Extension. In addition to Masala Bhangra, Deborah teaches Zumba and performs samba and latin jazz with various Ailey Extension troupes.

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